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Keeping Boston Comfortable Since 1945

If you live in the Greater Boston area and are looking for a reliable, high-quality AC company, then look no further!

We offer sales, installation, repair, and preventative maintenance on AC systems for homes and small commercial buildings.

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A/C Sales & Installations

Purchase a new air conditioning unit and have us install it OR have our reliable HVAC service & installation staff install units purchased from a 3rd party.

Save money on energy and reduce your carbon footprint by installing a new high-efficiency air conditioning unit for more comfort from automatic temperature control and the latest in cooling technology features.

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Friendly & Reliable Service

Reliable customer service and friendly staff has been the cornerstone of our family business since we started in 1945, and to this day it is still our main priority.

Our reliable service staff are equipped with the best home air conditioning units to give you a quick home A/C installation. All of our HVAC service & installation staff are certified & professionally trained.

AC Brands We Service / Repair

With so many AC brands out there, you may be worried that the HVAC company you choose won’t be able to work on yours. The good news is, Bigelow Oil & Energy can!

Some of the most popular brands we service include American Standard, Trane, SpacePak, Rheem, Ruud, NEST, and Mitsubishi.

Don’t see your brand listed?

Call us at 617.964.1600 or submit a request for a quote to confirm we can offer service for your particular air conditioner.

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Types of ACs We Can Help With

The types of AC systems we service include:

  • Central air conditioning
  • Ductless AC
  • Mini-splits
  • High-velocity AC Systems


Serving Greater Boston & The Surrounding Communities

Superior Customer Service, Maintenance, & Installations: A Family Tradition Since 1945

Bigelow Energy Service Area Map

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Bigelow Oil & Energy Service Map

We are happy to serve the following communities in Greater Boston / MetroWest / Massachusetts:

Next Day HVAC Service:

  • Newton, Wellesley, Needham, Brighton, Brookline, Watertown, Waltham, Weston.

Scheduled HVAC Service:

  • Arlington, Ashland, Bedford, Belmont, Brighton, Brookline, Burlington, Cambridge, Canton, Concord, Dover, Framingham, Holliston, Hopkinton, Lexington, Lincoln, Medfield, Medford, Millis, Natick, Needham, Newton, Norwood, Roslindale, Sherborn, Southborough, Sudbury, Waltham, Wayland, Wellesley, Weston, West Roxbury, Wilmington and Winchester.

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HVAC Repair & Maintenance

Extend the Lifespan of Your AC System w/ Regular Maintenance

While your AC system may seem like it’s running OK, it’s important to get regular maintenance. Below are a few reasons why this is a wise decision.

Ensure Your Condenser Coil Is Working

The condenser coil is responsible for cooling your AC’s refrigerant and changing it into a liquid. After this happens, it goes back into your home, and you get to enjoy cool, refreshing air.

As you can guess, the condenser coil works very hard during hot temperatures, and as with everything, it can suffer wear and tear. Plus, they’re situated outside, which means they’re prone to getting dirty.

When this happens, it gets more difficult for your condenser coil to do its job. This means the refrigerant gas stays a gas and doesn’t turn into a liquid.

So while your AC system may sound like it’s still working, it may be pumping out hot air. Regular maintenance will ensure this doesn’t happen.

Gets Rid of Debris

Debris may build up in your AC over time, and that can get into the unit and clog up the system. It may not be noticeable at first, so this clog can quickly become a major problem that causes damage to your unit.

Ensure Coolant Levels Are OK

As the name suggests, the coolant is also responsible for making sure you get cool air in your house. While it won’t run out over time, it may become depleted because of a leak.

Some signs of coolant leak are ice on the indoor coil, warm air, or a hissing sound coming from your unit. You may have a leak even without any of these signs, so that’s why it’s important to get regular maintenance. By finding small problems early on, you’ll avoid costly repairs in the future.

Catch Failing Parts BEFORE They Break

Not only will your air conditioning go through wear and tear, but it may also become slightly unbalanced in its parts, for whatever reason. This can lead to broken, damaged, or chipped spots in your AC system.

Again, this may not be immediately noticeable to you. But if you keep running your AC unit and don’t get it checked, these damaged parts can cause your entire air conditioning to break down. This can result in a necessary but expensive AC replacement.

Check the Seals Are Tight

Over time, the seals on your AC system may loosen. When this happens, your air conditioning may be working harder than they need to. Not only can this cause your unit to prematurely break down, but it can also drive up your energy bills.

With regular maintenance, you’ll get peace of mind knowing the seals are as tight as can be. That way, all the cold air your AC system is producing ends up in the rightful place: in your house, not inside the walls.

Check Your Thermostat's Working

Technician fixing the wall mounted control panel for a HVAC system.When a thermostat is working perfectly, it should regulate your indoor temperatures at comfortable levels. But they may be faulty at times. They’ll either emit too much cool air, or not enough of it.

Either way, it can affect your comfort and your energy bills. During a routine checkup, a technician can quickly assess whether or not your thermostat’s working.

Extend the Lifespan of Your AC System

You might think that by skipping out on regular maintenance, you’ll be saving money. While this can be true in some scenarios, you’re taking a huge gamble. It’s the same as not taking out insurance because you think you’ll be 100% healthy your entire life.

As with preventative healthcare, AC maintenance ensures the “health” of your AC system is always optimal. As a result, it’ll last you for many more years.

Schedule your annual checkup with us now!

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The Types We Do Not Work On

Unfortunately, we do not repair or install in-window Air Conditioning units. 

However, we’re more than happy to give you an estimate on a ductless or mini-split system! Contact us now for a free quote!

Air Conditioning Services & Total Comfort Plans

Standard Central A/C Systems | High Velocity | Ductless & All Styles of Air Conditioning

We’ve found old-fashioned preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid expensive emergencies.

Every new automatic delivery heating oil customer gets one year of our Total Comfort Service Plan for FREE.

Our heating/cooling service plans keep maintenance costs low, give you peace of mind, and protect your family in case of an emergency. No matter the weather, our HVAC technicians are prepared to service your unit in the case of equipment failure. These preventive plans allow you to contact us immediately for fast repair and avoid uncomfortable lapses in heating or air conditioning.

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