Welcome Tropic Heat Customers

January 2023

Dear Tropic Heat Customers,

Cindy and I are happy to share some exciting news with you.  Effective January 17, 2023 we have decided to partner with Bigelow Oil & Energy.  This partnership will continue to provide you with the top-notch service and oil you are used to.  This partnership will also provide you with additional services that are not available through us such as on-line customer access to your account, installation and service of air conditioning and gas equipment, as well oil tank services.  This partnership will benefit you greatly by offering more services, more help and more resources.

Bigelow Oil & Energy is a family-owned generational business like us that started in 1945. They have the same work ethics and values towards their customers as we have. They also have an extremely loyal and long-term customer base.  We have known the dads, sons and uncles for many years and have always helped each other out in times of need.  Bigelow Oil & Energy is very professional, caring and courteous to their customers.  The specific services they offer are:

  • 24 hour 7 days per week emergency service.
  • Live phone answering Monday through Friday 8 am through 4:30pm.  After-hours calls are recorded to answering equipment.  Emergency service calls have a special recording and are immediately dispatched to the service manager and/or the on-call technician.  This means your calls are answered promptly in the office and not through an answering service.
  • Credit card payments.
  • On-line customer account access.
  • Service contracts
  • Budget payments
  • Air conditioning equipment service and installation.
  • Gas equipment service and installation.
  • Oil tank protection products.
  • Oil tank replacement done either by Bigelow or with a contracted company.
  • And of course, the delivery of home heating oil and maintenance of the equipment.

Some of these new services have been asked for by you, the customer, and now all these services will be available under one business organization which is fantastic. In the near future you will see the changes start to take place with regard to a new phone number and mailing address for payments.  Also, you will see Bigelow Oil and Energy trucks and vans coming to your house.

At any time, you can contact Bigelow Oil and Energy at 617-964-1600 or through their website at www.BigelowEnergy.com.  The office is staffed Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm, by Nick Nicolazzo III the owner, Julie the office manager and Tony the service manager.

You will continue to see me through the coming months providing service and oil to you.  We are super excited about this merger and Cindy and I will always be available to answer any questions, you might have.


Jim and Cindy Taylor

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