Couple laying down on couch in front of fire enjoying total comfort.Your home in the Boston area wouldn’t be livable without the comfort supplied by your HVAC system.

Amazingly refreshing air conditioning and comfortingly warm heaters make being at home that much more satisfying.

However, no HVAC system is failsafe, and occasionally things can go wrong, disastrously wrong – resulting in dangerous HVAC problems.

Understanding The Signs Of Dangerous HVAC Problems

Dangerous HVAC problems can be caused by a number of things – incompetent installation, an aging system, lack of sufficient maintenance, and failing components.

All of these factors can lead to potentially dangerous malfunctions needing immediate attention by HVAC install technicians. The following is a list of danger HVAC problems that should be regarded as red flags and never ignored.

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For immediately assistance with a dangerous HVAC problem, please give us a call at (617) 964-1600 right away!


Problem #1 – A Smell of Rotten Eggs

Two technicians repairing some dangerous HVAC problems.Your furnace naturally emits a slight odor that you don’t even notice. But, a strong smell of rotten eggs is an indication that there is a gas leak somewhere in your home possibly coming from your furnace.

You should immediately call the gas company and leave your house until the leak has been safely repaired.

After safety has been restored, your heating service repair technician will give your system a thorough going over. Gas leaks are dangerous HVAC problems causing explosions & several deaths each year.


Problem #2 – A Smell of Overheating

HVAC Technician repairing a HVAC system.If something smells as if it’s overheating, then it probably is. A motor could be burning out or electrical wiring could be damaged or badly frayed.

Whatever the underlying cause, an electrical smell means there is a danger of the problem escalating and causing burns or a fire.

If you experience any kind of electricity-related dangerous HVAC problem, you should turn your unit off at the master switch and contact your local HVAC professional immediately.


Problem #3 – A Smell of Burning

Customer overheating from a broken air conditioner.All furnaces emit a burning smell within the first twenty-four hours after startup – caused by applied oil to ensure smooth operation.

However, if the odor lasts longer than twenty-four hours or returns at some later point this could be a sign of a dangerous HVAC problem.

You should use the shutoff valve to turn off the furnace and also shut off the oil supply. Contact your local heater maintenance service professional immediately.


Problem  #4 – A Musty Smell

Technician fixing the wall mounted control panel for a HVAC system.An air conditioning system is prone to a buildup of condensation that generates a significant amount of moisture inside the unit.

This moisture can migrate into the air ducts and cause a buildup of mold which will make its presence known by its musty smell.

Mold, one of the dangerous HVAC problems that can affect your system, is unsafe to breathe because it can cause respiratory problems.

An air conditioning repair technician can easily and quickly remedy this situation by a thorough air duct cleaning and can also determine where the moisture is coming from.


Man inspecting his HVAC system for any problems.Problem #5 – Leaks

Visible leaks or a small pool of accumulated moisture from your HVAC unit are common HVAC problems.

However, a leak could be an indication of more dangerous HVAC problems that you may need an expert to find, and puddles can cause mold buildup.

If you can’t trace the leak yourself, contact your local HVAC professional.


Preventing Dangerous HVAC Problems

Prevention of dangerous HVAC problems is the best cure, so make sure you have your HVAC system regularly maintained. Check out our total comfort plan to see how it can fit within your budget.

However, even with the best personal maintenance, problems can occasionally occur. If you smell or see any of the above-referenced unusual signs, please contact us immediately by giving us a call at 617.964.1600. Our twenty-four-hour emergency service is here to assist you.

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