Here at Bigelow Oil & Energy, we love to give back to the dedicated employees that are constantly representing the face of our company in their everyday interactions.

This month we would like to honor our lead service technician, Tim, for going above and beyond to deliver for our customers and team members.

A Couple of Weeks Turned into 16 YearsBigelow Energy office

A special fan favorite of all the customers, Tim has been installing heating systems in Boston with Bigelow for over 16 years.

When we say we treat our employees like family, we mean it.

Tim is a second generation employee, following in his father’s footsteps, and began working at Bigelow while attending high school.

“I was only supposed to be here for a couple of weeks, and now it’s been 16 years,” Tim said with a laugh.

When asked how working for Bigelow for a couple weeks turned into a total comfort plan, Tim explained that he really enjoys his work. “I love the fact that Bigelow is a family business. It’s low stress and the concern is not with the numbers, but it’s all about the people,” Tim explained.

Unlike other companies, Bigelow gives him the opportunity to succeed without imposing strict hours on his work schedule. Not only that, but it’s only 5 minutes from his house. “I do most of the installs,” he says, “point me in the direction and I’ll go and do it.”

Bigelow Energy is a Family Business

Tim at Bigelow EnergyTim’s father, Tony, began working at Bigelow in 1982 when Tim was only 2 years old. At that time, Bigelow was the only oil company around.

As the son of a senior employee, Tim was trained in heater maintenance by his father, who is now Service Manager. Tim’s father still spends most of his days mentoring and training the new hires.

When asked what position Tim desired of any role within the company, he chose his own job again.

Since he loves his work so much, Tim plans to continue working with Bigelow for many years to come – but he admits it would be nice to be Vice President.

More About Tim

Tim is a Newtonville native and still resides there with his wife, Alexandra, and their beautiful daughter, Kylie, 11.

When he is not working as qualified technician, Tim enjoys the outdoor life and often goes on long hikes through the countryside.

When asked what makes Tim a good employee, Nick Nicolazzo III, head honcho at Bigelow Oil & Energy says, “Any positive spin you can put on my friend, Tim, is deserving. He is a wonderful guy.”